BOSS SY-1000 Synth Pedal Release

A Boundless Breakthrough in Synth Technology

The new BOSS SY-1000* will transform your guitar or bass rig into a hub of limitless creation. Expanding into new tone territory, the SY-1000 opens a bold new chapter in BOSS synth innovation. It combines decades of development with their latest in software and hardware advancements. It features a cutting-edge sound engine, high-octane DSP, and evolved GK technology – all packed into a single enclosure designed to deliver the most natural of playing experiences.

With three simultaneous (or independent) instruments and premium processing, you have the ability to craft any sound imaginable from expressive synth textures to analog-style leads to modeled electric and acoustic tones and more. Those instruments include Dynamic Synth, OSC Synth, and GR-300. The OSC gives you an analog-adjacent engine with plenty of filters and ADSR control to boot, while the GR-300 is an onboard recreation of the company’s ’80s guitar synth effect of the same name. The Dynamic Synth stands out mainly for its lengthy list of sound-sculpting features:

  • 10 oscillator waveforms
  • Six filter types
  • Amplifier control
  • Two LFOs
  • Two 16-step sequencers
  • Pitch, filter, and amplitude parameters

Among its many other features, the SY-1000 also boasts Two Step Sequencers. So, after shaping your basic sound with the Dynamic Synth, you can infuse your sound with more movement and complex textures. Each sequencer features 16 customizable steps that control pitch, filter, and amplitude independently. Better yet, every step includes 13 different envelope curves for unparalleled sonic control. And of course, it maintains the impressive instrument modeling technology derived from historic BOSS and Roland GK gear. Choose from a large selection of electric, acoustic, and bass guitar types, each with independent tuning, EQ, virtual amp settings, and more. 

The BOSS SY-1000 also features openly configurable footswitches, outputs, and external controls for maximizing the benefits of the hardware in any situation. The USB audio/MIDI interface opens a world of creative options with your favorite DAW. With the GK input, you can record each of your instrument’s strings to separate audio tracks, either processed live or captured dry for later processing through the SY-1000.

The SY-1000 will be available through participating BOSS dealers in January, 2020 with a price tag of $999.99. Some dealers* have it available for preorder. Get in line first!

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    Where’s the video link?