BOSS 200 Series Pedals Release

BOSS 200 Series Pedals introduce a new generation of premium audio quality, multi-function switching, and onboard memory capabilities in a sleek format.

There are four new models debuting in the BOSS 200 Series, with 32-bit AD/DA, 32-bit internal processing, and 96 kHz sampling rate. They also allow additional control via external switches, an expression pedal, or MIDI. Simple controls and multi-function footswitches make these pedals fast and intuitive to operate, while onboard memories allow users to store multiple setups for instant recall. The lineup includes the DD-200 digital delay, EQ-200 graphic equalizer, MD-200 modulation, and OD-200 hybrid drive. Let’s take a closer look!

The DD-200 is a digital delay on a mission. With 12 delay modes and direct controls for rate, level, and times, it offers you a virtually unlimited sound palette. The 12 modes include Standard, Tape, Drum, Shimmer, Tera Echo, Pad Echo, Pattern, Lo-Fi, Dual, Reverse, and Ducking. You can also save your favorite settings and recall them at any time with four onboard memories, and use the multi-function footswitches to access bypass, memory scrolling, tap tempo, and looper control. You can also reassign the footswitches to hold, warp, and many other functions, as well as use external controls or an expression pedal. MIDI I/O is even provided on space-saving mini TRS jacks. It also features a ready-to-go 60 second looper to record and play over your favorite grooves. Get fast, easy delay with the DD-200 (and that’s any delay!) Expected to begin shipping July 2019.

The EQ-200 is a graphic equalizer that has got to be the most flexible, compact EQ ever created for guitar/bass. It features two wide-ranging 10-band EQ channels and an onboard graphic display that shows your current EQ levels at any quick glance. Selectable signal flow structures configure the channels for stereo, parallel, or series operation, and you can even add in external pedals for deep pre/post tone-shaping. The frequency centers of all 10 bands can be set to three different types, so you can also optimize the EQ-200’s performance for different instruments. Expected to begin shipping July 2019.

The MD-200 is a modulation superstar that offers 12 different modulation modes, including Chorus, CE-1 Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vintage Phaser, Classic Vibe, Vibrato, Tremolo, Rotary, Auto Wah, Slicer, and Overtone. You have direct access to rate, depth, and level, as well as additional parameters tailored to each effect type. Rates can also be tapped in with a footswitch while performing, and beat subdivisions are easily set and viewed with dedicated panel controls. And, with the powerful insert function, you can add in drive pedals and other effects for selectable pre/post mod processing! Everything you could possibly need in the modulation world with a simple tap of your foot. Expected to begin shipping September 2019.

The OD-200 is a hybrid drive pedal with 12 gain modes including Overdrive, Blues, Scream, CNTR OD, X-Drive, Dist, X-Dist, Stack Drive, Fat Dist, Brown, X-Metal, and Fuzz. With this extremely versatile machine, you can dial in just about any type of gain quickly and with ease. Some of its other features include hybrid analog/digital circuitry, a three-band EQ, and powerful pre and post boosts for even more detailed gain-shaping. The onboard advanced gate circuit is great for eliminating noise and adding tightness and aggression to the higher-gain settings. Get all the flavors of gain in one easy-to-use, streamlined enclosure! Expected to begin shipping September 2019.

Now it’s time for you to get your hands on one! Which BOSS 200 series pedal would be your best companion?

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