Ariel Posen: New Signature Pedal, Non-Traditional Gear, and Friendship with John Mayer

Whenever Ariel Posen stops by TPS, you know you’re in for a treat. His most recent cameo came on the heels of a busy creative season including an album, tour, clinics, gear releases, and who could forget, becoming gear BFFs with John Mayer.

With all of this in the mix, Dan & Mick had no shortage of questions on this week’s episode of That Pedal Show, and Posen no dearth of sound bites. So what did the last year of gear innovation bring to Posen’s profile?

John Mayer and Posen Connect Over Tone

As an active social media man himself, Mayer is no stranger to impromptu guitar lessons and gear chats on his on-the-fly Instagram show, “Current Mood.” Yet Dan & Mick nearly fainted upon hearing Posen and Mayer connected over gear. “Looks like, we’re out and he’s in,” Dan jested with Posen.

“So you and John are kind of buddies now?” asked Mick. “Well,” responded Posen, “we’re kind of guitar pals.” And if you are a Mayer and/or Posen fan, you can see why. Soulful. Tone rich. Emotive. Brand new yet old school blues styles. Their elements, approaches, and tactics of modern blues-inspired guitar have much in common.

When Mick asked if Mayer had sent Posen a PRS Silver Sky as a token of friendship, the answer was a chuckle and “no.” Yet, that brings us to our next insight into Posen’s world of gear, that Strat-type guitar he’s wielding that’s anything but traditional.

Posen’s Steel Body Strat-O-Mule by Resophonic

Posen’s guitar picks have been in two worlds: resonators and Fender Stratocasters. But when it came time to bridge these universes, he called up Resophonic guitars to see if they could make a faux Strat-style guitar with a hollow steel body. Tall order, challenge accepted.

Resophonic is well known for their Mulecasters, which are loosely a Tele-style guitar. As Posen confessed, however, “I’ve always been a Strat type of guy. It took some convincing, but finally they said yes to making a Strat-style instrument for me.” With the new hybrid instrument in hand, Posen revealed that what started as a side instrument has become the all-consuming creative and performance instrument for his current portfolio.

After tapping on the echo rich steel body and hearing some riffs by Posen, Mick commented “that’s astounding. It’s warm and woody and even defies what you would think of a steel body.”

The Ariel Posen Signature Hudson Broadcast

Apart from their own signature drive with Keeley, Dan & Mick’s most mentioned and celebrated effect on TPS has to be the Hudson Broadcast. As Posen revealed his new and streamlined pedalboard, the Hudson effect perched atop was both familiar yet foreign.

The Hudson Broadcast AP channels all that Posen loved about the standard pedal yet was custom designed in light of his favorite settings and uses. So how does this new signature pedal stack up to the standard?

The first defining feature is its silicon circuitry, which Posen commented is a bit more stable and refined, especially during long gigs on hot stages. Posen also slimmed down to a single footswitch, doing away with the fuzz option of the original. The EQ cut nob has become a switch for low cut or high pass options. The power options run from 9 through 24 volts for custom sounds and higher headroom. Finally, the footprint is reconfigured so it is portrait rather than landscape, which makes for easier pedalboard accommodation.

If your life could use a bit more Ariel Posen, be sure to check out his latest album, international tour dates, and clinic opportunities at

TPS Rig Rundown:

Guitars: Mule Mulecaster, Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster, Fender Custom Shop 1963 Telecaster.

Pedals: PolyTune 3 Noir, Hudson Broadcast AP, Vemuram Jan Ray, KingTone MiniFuzz Ge, KingTone The Octaland, Walrus Monument V2, Chase Bliss Audio Mood, Chase Bliss Audio Dark World, Chronograph.

Amps: Two Rock Classic Reverb Signature with Two-Rock 212 cabinet / TR 1265B speakers, Victory V140 The Super Duchess and V212VCD cab/Celestion G12M-65 Creamback Speakers.

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