Alexander Marshmallow Release

The first pedal to leave you with a “sugar high.”

The Alexander Marshmallow boasts 6 pitch effect modes, much like your favorite cereal’s unique marshmallow shapes. MOD, ARPY, RAND, RING, DYNA, and CLOUD modes are responsible for altering your tone, and then having you drink the leftover milk at the bottom of the bowl. But unlike horseshoes, shooting stars, hearts, blue moons, rainbows, and red balloons – each of these “marshmallows” feature multiple harmonic voicings. And just like your other favorite NEO Series pedals from Alexander, Marshmallow includes presets, MIDI connectivity, ramping, and global controlling via expression pedals.

As odd as it may seem to call a pedal “Marshmallow,” the sticky-sweet, oozy sounds you will notice when you plug in will have you saying, “Ahh. I get it.”

Let’s take a closer look at Marshmallow’s sounds and controls.

Marshmallow has A LOT of features, but don’t let that scare you away. It’s as easy as turning a knob here, turning a knob there, and experimenting with a few additional controls that will really add the flavor and get you as excited as the day your mom let you pick out the cereal with the surprise toy in the box.

The center ‘Select’ button moves you through Effect Modes. There are small LEDs in the middle of the pedal that change based on your current mode. Holding the Select button allows you to access the “Alt Function” for each knob on the pedal. Here’s what all of the knobs do in each Effect Mode:

MOD (upper blue): Combines twin pitch shifters with an adjustable pitch modulation. This is great for chorus, vibrato, and organ effects.

ARPY (lower blue) is a fully configurable arpeggiator. The first pitch in the sequence is always unison, and you set the other three pitches with the VOICE, TWO, and MOD knobs.

RAND (upper red): Twin pitch shifters with random modulation. VOICE and ALT set the “home” pitches of each shifter and MOD sets how far they’re allowed to move. 

RING (lower red): Twin pitch shifters with an adjustable fade/tremolo effect. Low settings of MOD sound like tremolo or panning, higher settings sound like robot barf

DYNA (upper violet): Dynamically controlled pitch shifter. VOICE sets the “quiet” interval and TWO sets the “loud” interval. Adjust MOD to control the sensitivity of the envelope detector. ALT sets the shift behavior to either glide between pitches or smoothly fade

CLOUD (lower violet): Twin pitch shifters with an adjustable cascading delay/reverb effect. Increase the MOD knob for more clouds, lower the CLOCK knob for longer delays.

Other controls/features:

We know how frustrating it can be to have hours of dialing in your perfect tones completely ruined by some accidental knob-moving between practice and showtime. Or perhaps you need a lot of sounds, but don’t have enough pedalboard real estate to accommodate all of those pedals. Loading and saving presets with Marshmallow is easy – save and recall four sounds from a single pedal with no additional hardware. And with a MIDI controller, your preset capability increases to 16!

While sometimes it is fun to pitch shift to random intervals, it’s also cool to lock in to musical pitches. To help you get the most out of your Marshmallow, we’ve added in Pitch Lock, which “snaps” the range of the pitch shifters to different tuned intervals. To change the Pitch Lock setting, hold down the center Select button and then hold the RAMP footswitch. The upper LED will change to indicate the current Pitch Lock setting. The four settings are:

  • UNLOCK (violet): No lock, pitch is fully variable.
  • CHROMATIC (yellow): Pitch locks to semitone/half-step intervals.
  • MAJOR (cyan): Pitch locks to the major scale intervals.
  • MINOR (green): Pitch locks to the minor scale intervals. The Pitch Lock settings are saved as part of your presets. 

There’s more! Marshmallow also features an advanced expression functionality called WARP! This allows you to seamlessly morph between two different pedal settings with a single tap of your foot. Tap the left footswitch on the pedal to begin the WARP effect, and you will see the WARP LED light up, and the main LED will fade from white to blue if the pedal is engaged. Then you will hear the pedal slide from its current settings to the WARP settings. If you want to engage WARP for a short time, for example to accentuate a phrase, you can hold the left footswitch to engage then release to go back to normal.  

Satisfy your sweet tooth with the Alexander Marshmallow.

Begins shipping July 11, 2019.

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