A Weekend With Lee Roy Parnell, Pat Donohue and Verlon Thopmson

If you want to learn how to play guitar, or learn how to play guitar a lot better, here is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to learn from the very best, in a real live setting.

3 of the most revered guitar playing, singer-songwriters of our generation, Lee Roy Parnell, Pat Donahue and Verlon Thompson are coming together for a weekend of guitar instruction in October of 2019, and you can be there to learn from the very best. These are “guitar player’s” guitar players.

Click this link to reserve your spot before they are all gone –https://tallgrassguitarclass.com/

Here is a message from Dan Maher of Billy Dean fame, who through his friendship with them, has brought these fine musicians together, for an opportunity you do not want to miss:

Hello fellow guitar lovers. My name is Dan Mahar. I live in Sioux Falls, SD where I perform as a solo on guitar/vocal, I teach guitar and am an arborist. The last two items in this brief CV enable me to keep active and choose the good gigs to play.

I started to play guitar after watching the Beatles on Ed Sullivan in 1964, it’s been a long and grand bit of traveling that brings me to this point today. I won’t go in to my sojourn, which is out there for you to check on should you wish.

Some of the most rewarding moments of my career have come from teaching. This is where the idea for Tall Grass Guitar Class got its start. Me and 2 of my adult students and friends, where having a discussion during one of our weekly sessions, the theme of which was fantasy baseball, football and basketball camps, you get the idea.

We thought that, though the idea is definitely not original, such a camp for guitarists in the rural setting of southwest Minnesota, in the fall of the year, in a town that has opened its arms to us and will do the same for the participants, may have some merit.

My friends, Dave Ermer and Scott Johnson are professionals with careers and families but, for one night a week, for a couple of hours, they can be guitarists, talk guitar talk and share stories. These sessions, which have been going on for at least 7 years are the framework for the experience we hope to pass on to others of a like mind.

The city of Luverne, Minnesota has graciously invited our merry band to inhabit their town for 3 days in October. We hope to see guitar lovers from all walks of life come and be part of these three days of guitar worship and take away something that will be of value to their playing and satisfy that desire which to varying degrees, drives us.

I hope to see you all soon, when the Pheasants are flying, the geese are heading south and the walleyes are hungry.

Pack your grip, grab your guitar and come be what you really want to be for a few days.

All the best,
Dan Mahar

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