A Rig Rundown of Danish Pete’s New Pedalboard

If you’ve spent any amount of time trolling the YouTube universe for guitar gear, news, and trends you’ll know there’s only one guy out there who wields a bold purple Telecaster. Pete Honoré (a.k.a, Danish Pete) doesn’t just demo gear, he builds inspiring soundscapes through effects, loops, and an elegant blues-rock style that is all his own. So this week, when it came time to build his pedalboard for in the studio or on the road, Pete stopped in at the TPS den of tone and asked for Dan’s help.

As with any pedalboard tear down and rebuild, Pete was forced to make certain decisions about what was in and what was out. In the end, he decided on the following combination of effects.

Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner

If your pedalboard is tight on real estate, take a closer look at your tuner to see if it’s taking up more room than necessary. For Pete, the Boss TU-3S was ideal as it provides the same level of trusted tuning and accuracy of the original pedal format, but in about half the space. When tucked away up top, it’s there when you need it without obstructing the rest of your rig when you don’t.

Xotic SP Compressor

The Xotic SP Compressor was first in the signal chain. As Pete commented, “I run it just to give everything a little bit of a kick.” With the Xotic SP Compressor being a one-knob-wonder, it is an ideal “set it and forget it” type of effect. Pete simply dialed it in to taste and kicked it in when necessary.

Greer Lightspeed

The Lightspeed by Greer Effects falls in the category of clear, organic overdrive that builds upon the best of your guitar and amp’s natural tone. For Pete, the Lightspeed comes before his main overdrive source (The Dane) but is meant to give “just a bit of hair” to his playing. Due to its sensitivity to pick attack, the Lightspeed is brilliantly dynamic and responsive. This means you can go from adding a bit of hair to giving goosebumps by simply digging in.

ThorphyFX The Dane

You might have guessed it from it’s purple flares and it’s name, but The Dane is a signature designed pedal by Danish Pete and Thorpy FX. As a two stage overdrive and boost pedal, The Dane is ideal for curating custom sounds as well as creating cascading overdrive effects when the sides are stacked together. As Pete added, “I have the Lightspeed first and then The Dane, because that gives me drive, boost, and then a drive after.” This configuration and path allows for endless overdrive architecture.

Fulltone Octafuzz

To add a bit more grit and grind, Pete’s board included the iconic edge of the Fulltone Octafuzz. You can never go wrong with a Fulltone, but particularly when it comes to the exploding octave and fuzz combos of the Octafuzz. After Pete’s rush through a run up the neck with the pedal on, Dan sat back and simply commented, “It’s a bit loud.” Exactly…

Boss DC-2W Dimension C

Since its debut a few months back, the Boss DC-2W Dimension C is cropping up on everyone’s board. As the only Boss pedal to forego knobs in favor of four selectable modes (which can also be engaged in combos), Boss assures you that they know chorus best and you can trust the settings and sounds the stompbox delivers. For Pete, all it took was one classic 1980s-esque chord to show this was absolutely true.

Walrus Audio ARP-87 Delay

I wish I could find something critical to say about any Walrus pedal I’ve owned, but I simply can’t. These guys crush it every single time, and the ARP-87 Delay is already ascending to modern classic status. With subdivision options, four algorithms for various delay types, and tap-tempo capabilities, the ARP-87 is a one-stop solution for a host of delay needs. It’s versatile, forward-thinking, yet familiar. After a few riffs through the ARP-87, Pete remarked “that’s just a lovely delay pedal.”

Eventide H9

For any pedalboard build that needs to be compact, the question of how much modulation you pack in is an essential consideration. A multi-effect option, then, becomes very appealing. For Pete, the Eventide H9 was the weapon of choice, not least for his preferred Leslie cabinet or tremolo sounds. “That pedal is on there because I might need some weird sound at some point and I can just dial it in… it keeps the board compact but I can still pack a punch,” said Pete. Other items that might also fit these multi-effect modulation needs include the Boss MD-500 and Strymon Mobius.

TC Electronic Hall Of Fame

As Dan described, having a “base-level of reverb” on the amp and then stacking a reverb pedal on top is an expert strategy for adding a new dimension and character to your reverb architecture. For Pete, the TC Electronic HOF was the top pedal pick for reverb. With TonePrint technology, the HOF can be any reverb you want and is easily updated or evolved through your smartphone. Simply zap it into the pedal and use the single cyclops effect knob to blend in your reverb of choice.

TC Electronic Ditto Looper

No Danish Pete pedalboard would be complete without the tiny yet powerful Ditto Looper by TC Electronic. For Pete, the pedal came last so it could capture and replay any and all of the effected sounds of his rig. “I use loopers all the time… I just love loops because I am always playing on my own… that’s why this is the perfect desert island pedal.” For more complex looping options, check out the TC Electronic Ditto Stereo Looper or Ditto X4 Looper.

If you were inspired by Danish Pete’s playing in this episode or other cameos online and were wondering how he gets his tone, hopefully this rig rundown takes the mystery out of the gear part of that equation. To channel a bit of Danish Pete into your playing and pedalboard, head over to Riff City Guitar instore or online to rethink and rebuild your rig with the pedals described here.

TPS Rig Rundown:

Guitars: Oswald S-Type, Fender American Vintage ’62 Stratocaster.

Pedals: Boss TU-3S Chromatic Tuner, Xotic SP Compressor, Greer Lightspeed, ThorpyFX The Dane, Fulltone Octafuzz, Boss DC-2W Dimension C, Walrus Audio ARP-87 Delay, Eventide H9, TC Electronic Hall Of Fame.

Amps: Victory V140 The Super Duchess, SL Amps Custom Clean.

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